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Nigerian-American artist Echezona is poised to ascend to the throne as one of music’s transcendent figures in the world. Quite a claim to make for this 20 year old college sophomore born to Nigerian immigrant parents. It’s just that Echezona’s personal story and artistry imbues the cultural dialect of the blending of multiple worlds that the music industry is now seeking to capitalize upon. Raised in the Boston blue collar neighborhood of Dorchester Massachusetts, Echezona has lived the quintessential African-American experience of a young Black male in urban America, the good and the bad. His multi-cultural roots epitomize what is held out as the American experience in its purest idealized form. Growing up in the Onwuama home as the oldest son, music in the air was often Nigerian cultural music, topics of discussion included Igbo tribal traditions or current events in Nigeria. Echezona is a son of Africa and a son of America. Adding to his mosaic of an upbringing is his educational experience as one of a small number of Black kids bussed to a public school in one of the nation’s most affluent white suburban neighborhoods. A blend of cultural experiences, Echezona is uniquely himself. Self-confident, proud, intelligent, informed, strong and resilient.

Respected and embraced by both his native lands, Echezona’s exposure to music began at a young age; including African drumming in his church choir beginning at the age of 4, and the influence of his Dad (himself a songwriter since his early days in Nigeria) and Mom both of whom are singers in the choir. The self-proclaimed “future multi-platinum Grammy-winning rap artist”, Echezona began rapping at age 10 and was later bestowed the moniker Young Obama for his politically charged socially conscious rap content and intellectually mature vocabulary well beyond his years. He was not just any rapper. In the Boston music scene, he is universally regarded by his peers as the best free-style rapper. Known for his quick triggered free style flow and content-laden lyrics he’s won many a rap battle. An after school kid at the local Boys Club, he spent countless hours at the club honing his craft at their Studio Heat music program and taking home awards and trophies as part of the local music scene; along with gaining national acclaim leading to opening slots for established acts and project work in NY and Atlanta. Recently, his song Galileo was chosen for the 2K21 basketball game, received ESPN TV airplay, and FM commercial radio airplay.

Naturally fluent while performing in both English and Igbo, Echezona is an artist of the modern world, a world striving to embrace multiculturism in all its derivations. Echezona’s artistry and cultural identity reflect this duality. He represents and fuses both hip hop and afro beats in their highest forms, singing with melody, and rapping with the flow of a seasoned performer. No hype, he is what the future of music is now seeking to embrace. He has the potential to become one of world’s highest streaming artists and one of its most charismatic performers. He seamlessly and convincingly traverses genres and delivery styles, connecting Africa and America in ways that are relatable to all audiences. With his fluidic producer JPRiZM, they’ve mined in their music the kind of rare diamonds that the African continent has been known to produce throughout history. Echezona is an American son and an African son, building bridges among audiences on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond.



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